Title: Two M.S. Graduate Teaching Assistantships
Location: Greeley, Colorado
Job Description: Two M.S. Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA) are available in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) starting in summer 2014. This project will evaluate the conditions to create a rigorous system to study mycorrhizal fungus-crop-insect interactions, examine the effects of aboveground insect herbivory and belowground mycorrhizal fungus colonization on plant physiology, and assess organism performance in tripartite interactions. The proposed work combines plant biology, fungal ecology, and molecular biology. Students involved in this research will be partly supported by a grant and graduate teaching assistantships. Students awarded a teaching assistantship are generally supported (during fall and spring semesters) contingent on successful teaching and progress in the program. The compensation for this position includes a stipend of $14,562 for 9 months, and a full waiver of up to 10 credit hours of tuition per semester (GTA). In addition, summer funding opportunities are available to eligible students.
Qualifications: Please review the requirements for admission to UNC: and the School of Biological Sciences: Additional requirements for international students:
If you are qualified and interested in pursuing graduate research related to plant interactions with other organisms, please send the following items to Dr. Karen Gomez ( (a) cover letter discussing interest in the project, applicable experience, and goals for undertaking a graduate program, (b) official or unofficial undergraduate transcripts, (c) CV, (d) GRE scores, and (e) name and e-mail of three professional references. Successful applicants are expected to start in May/June 2014.
Applicants with experience in (or the ability to learn) molecular biology techniques (e.g. PCR and qPCR), and with experience in designing and conducting independent research under an advisor will be especially competitive.
Responsibilities: In order to successfully complete this M.S. program, students must meet expectations at teaching undergraduate courses, and must complete their required coursework. For the research component, students should: demonstrate willingness/ability to learn new research techniques, possess the ability to design and conduct independent research, demonstrate attention to detail and effectiveness in completion of research, conduct work safely, be collegial, and maintain a habit of reading scientific literature in her/his field.
Deadline: Open until position is filled
Lab Website:
Contact: Dr. Karen Gomez
Phone: 970-351-2555